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Why PUBG Players should play H1Z1?

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H1Z1 Poster

What is H1Z1?

H1Z1 is a battle royale shooter game, in which the players land into an unknown arena, scavenge weapons, drive vehicles and kill eachother as the last standing man wins the game. You might have read the names, “Z1“, “King of the Hill” often on the internet, and wondered “What is H1Z1?“. It is a game, regarded as the father of Battle Royale Games, as it was launched in 2015 by DayBreak studios. It was initially a mod only, but as it started gathering huge attention it gained an identity of its own. In this way, H1Z1 set the foundations of a Battle Royale Games. The later coming PUBG and Fortnite gained upon the concept of Battle Royale which was first introduced by H1Z1. So lets dive into the details as to why PUBG Players should play H1Z1.

Though, these days its less popular as compared to its successors like PUBG and Fortnite, but still a classic has its following unique distinct features.

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1. Responsive Gunplay and Movement

Player in H1Z1 shooting at a car

A main feature of H1Z1 over PUBG is its much more responsive gunplay and player movement. As the developers of H1Z1 have focused upon the higher frame rate and smooth gameplay rather than visual details, thus its much more responsive. Its graphics are much simpler and less detailed as compared to PUBG, which saves the device, an excessive amount of working and battery drainage.

2. Simpler UI

Screenshot of H1Z1 UI
Screenshot of H1Z1 UI-iage via

Another distinct feature of H1Z1 is its simple to use UI. Its less and clean approach to HUD elements with a single radial menu makes the interface much more user friendly. In PUBG, the user interface is crowded with a number of options and buttons thats kinda troubling when you haveto shoot enemies in the faces.

3. Ease at Finding Vehicles

Car flying off after an explosion

Like many other PUBG players, if you also find it hard getting a vehicle, H1Z1 is at your rescue. H1Z1 developers have specifically focused on the car experience in the game. Its much easier to find vehicles as they are visible as signposts in the map. This makes the players hurry to get into a nearby vehicle and increasing their chances of surviving till the end.

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4. AutoRoyale

H1Z1 being the father of Battle Royale games also introduced a new mod, known as AutoRoyale. Yes! it puts all the thrill and action behind the wheel. Its a mod, in which there are only cars, and each team of 4 players in a car lands with a parachute at some random location. The players are already quipped with weapons and must battle their way, towards the safe zone and killing other teams. There are special power-ups lying around and some even in mid-air that players can get by some daring maneuovers with the ramps.

5. More Players in the game

In PUBG, we are often tired out spending the first 10-15 minutes without confronting any enemy and just collecting loot. This is a major downside to PUBG, however H1Z1 keeps the action high from the moment game starts. As PUBG opens up with 100 players, H1Z1 brings in 200 players which makes the shooting thrill start the very first minute of game. In addition to this, you can enjoy playing in a squad of 5 people as well, a feature that isn’t available in PUBG.


These were the most prominent reasons, why PUBG Players should play H1Z1. PUBG is a military style simulator with its detailed graphics and mechanics, that is sometimes too much. The users want to have some fun while shooting eachoter and winning the game, which H1Z1 caters amzingly better as compared to PUBG. H1Z1 is the classic arcade style shooting game. Thus, PUBG players should play H1Z1 to enjoy a different taste and more action especially from the vehicles. The game can be simply downloaded free from H1Z1 official webiste here.

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