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Why PUBG Players should play Fortnite ?

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Yes, as diehard PUBG lovers, we all are annoyed seeing the snaps and tiktoks of Fortnite all over the internet. We all have this same question in mind,”What is this cartoon like children game, and why do people love it so much?”. Well, lets take a tour into the world of Fortnite and see why PUBG players should play Fortnite.

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What is Fortnite?


Fortnite is an online Battle Royal game, in which 100 players jump off a flying bus, on an island. After landing, the players collect different resources and weapons, fighting to survive till the last. The last fighter surviving wins the game. A distinct feature of Fortnite are the resources, which are used to build structures, walls and stairs helping you to hide, safeguard yourself, climb or get a better angle for shot.

The game, Fortnite has three different modes with the most famous one being Fortnite Battle Royale. It was originally released in 2017 by Epic Games as a free to play game. Its available on Windows, Mac, Xbox One and PS4 and providing its fans all the joy free of cost. However, like PUBG, it also has in-game purchases.

lets see one by one the reasons, why PUBG players should play Fortnite:

Better Online Community

In PUBG, we all have faced this scenario, where one of your random team mate starts abusing and cursing you for no reason. And in addition to this, there’s always one knuckle head guy, who turns up the broadcrast to all players and starts yelling slurs. However, Fortnite in this regard is much better. The Fortnite community is much less toxic as compared to other popular game franchises. Its because of the developers fostering a sense of community and creating a welcoming environment for players from all backgrounds.

In addition to this, you also don’t need to worry if your team mate messes up or leaves the game, because it only costs you 5-10 minutes as the game is much fast paced.

Cartoonic Graphics

There are many PUBG players including me who get tired of the gritty and detailed textures in PUBG. First of all, it tires your device rendering all those graphics, leading to glitches. Many of us also find the visuals of blood in the game, disgusting as well. Fortnite solves this problem with its simpler, cleaner and cartoonic style graphics. The colors are much bright with clean lines. These simple graphics allow it to be played smoothly on low end specs computers as well.

And furthermore, the overall graphics of the game are much more cute including the characters and the environment. However, the game does provide you with some badass style skins as well to brighten up your gaming experience.

Regular New Features

Probably the best thing about fortnite are the fun features it keeps adding regularly.What can be more fun than shooting webs and webslinging your way across the game? Fortnite provides the spiderman webshooter feature, which allows you to literally enjoy the spiderman experience in the game. Similar to these, Fortnite keeps adding such amazing small features.

Fewer Bugs and Crashes

If you are a player who enjoys PUBG, but is tired of the bugs and glitches in the game, Fortnite comes to your rescue. In PUBG, the glitches like getting stuck in a wall, door or bullets not hitting the opponent are very common. While, very rarely such things happen in Fortnite. In addition to this, the game doesn’t crash as often PUBG does.

Better Inventory Management

As a PUBG player, we often get sick of stocking up ammo, finding better backpacks and spending a quarter of time on inventory management. However, Fortnite takes away all this worry, by limitng the inventory to only 5 weapons and a pick axe. Thus, it saves you from all the confusion of picking or dropping weapons. we all face in PUBG. The switiching between weapons is simple and quick.

Color Coded Weapons

weapons in Fortnite
Fortnite guns -image via

Comparing the damage, agility, and range of weapons to the finest difference is a thing most of us, PUBG players find most hard. Fortnite solves our problem by removing all the gritty mathematical comparisons, and providing us with simple to understand Color codes. It allows you to focus on gameplay, rather than remembering the specs of each weapon.

These colors rank the weapons from worst to best.  Grey is ubiquitous, green is uncommon, blue is rare, and purple/gold is the most scarce colored item in the game. The more scarce a gun is, the more powerful it is, thus every fortnite player is in search of gold.

Naruto and Marvel in Fortnite

The most compelling reason, PUBG Players should play fortnite is because of the presence of our most loved entertainment frachises in it. What can be more fun, than being able to enjoy playing Naruto and Spiderman in a Battle Royal Game. If you are also an anime fan like me, Fortnite is a game you must play. It brings you fun and excitement of your favorite Marvel and Naruto in the comfort of your competitive game.

Paper bomb kunai
Paper Bomb Kunai-image via Epic

The game further heightens up the fun, by adding cool weapons from Naruto. The players can enjoy playing with Obito’s pick axe and Sasuke’s beloved snake sword. You can live the shinobi Ninja experience, by shooting some amazing paper bomb kunai blades and finding such more weapons in various chests.

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These are the reasons I find, Fortnite most exciting. And I believe after reading the amazing features of Fortnite, you have surely come to the conclusion as to why PUBG players should play Fortnite. So download the game for free from here, and enjoy the experience right now. Lets know what do you think about Fortnite experience.

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