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Why Fortnite Players should play Destiny 2

As a fortnite player, we are some times annoyed to see the huge online Chattering about Destiny 2. What is this game? and why is it so famous? Why is this space tech game getting so much attention? As a fortnite player, we all have these questions about Destiny 2. In this article, we shall dive into some details as to why Fortnite Players should play Destiny 2.

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1. What is Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is an online Multiplayer first person shooter game devloped by Bungie studios in 2017. The mythic science fiction First person shooter is a sequel to its Predecessor Destiny 1. Like its predecessor, Destiny 2 amassed huge fan following as soon as it was released. It is a game that combines Player vs Player and Player vs Environment elements with grace. Due to its exciting storyline and inter galactic battles with high tech weapons, it has gained a name for itself. It adapts itself amazingly as a role playing game as well as an online Multiplayer game. The game has 40 Millions players with 780 thousand daily players. Its a game, that Fortnite players must try out.

2. Thriller Storyline

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As compared to the fun story of Fortnite, Destiny 2 takes a much more serious stance. In fact, one of the main and most prominent feature of Destiny 2 is its thriller story. The game has a particularly complex storyline similar to Starwars, and the new players need not tire them up solving the earlier mysteries. However, at a quick glance Destiny 2 is set many thousand years ahead in our solar system. Where the world is now at an apocalypse between the forces of good and evil, known as Lightness and Darkness in the game.

The light has taken the form of a giant sphere that hangs over the last city on Earth. This city size giant ball is referred as, Traveller by the characters in game. The forces of evil are manifested in the form of pyramids, that encroach Earth and other planets. The sphere has bestowed the special characters known as Guardians with the powers to gaurd against forces of Darkness.

3. Role Playing Game

Though Fortnite has introduced a number of quests and quest lines, but still it doesn’t qualify for a role playing game. However, Destiny 2 certainly makes its mark as a role playing game. The players play as characters, The Guardians. Who are tasked with the responsibility to defend the last city and destroy forces of evil across the solar system. These Guardians have been granted special mythic powers and immortality by the hovering sphere.

Guardians are actually zombies that died centuries ago, and were revived by tiny floating robots known as ghosts. The ghost finds a corpse with potential reanimates it and revives it as long as itself remains. As the guardian, you need to complete various missions, fight bad ass bosses unravelling various mysteries and secrets of this Ancient apocalyptic universe. The story further continues as the developers release expansions.

4. Different Character types

Different character types in Destiny2

In Fortnite there’s a single character type alongwith various cosmetics and items to customize it. But Fortnite players have put much more attention to detail when it comes to characcter types. There are three character types:

  • Hunter: Hunters are extremely swift at everything they do. They posses special melee, attributes especially regarding mobility. In addition to this, they are exceptionally good at stealth and stabbings.
  • Titan: These are berserk characters with large armor and resilence. Though, most powerful, titans are slowest characters in the game. They also lack the mobility, however have special attributes of charging straight at the enemy.
  • Warlock: Though lightly armoured, warlocks are pretty dangerous. They have the ability to regenerate faster and also heal their allies around them. In addition to this, they can also glide in the battlefield granting them an advantage.

5. Co-op Missions

One of the most prominent feature of this game are its CO-op missions. These allow you and your friends to team up and fight NPCs, and progressing in the story of this world. Unlike Fortnite, Destiny 2 grants quite diversity in team according to each coop mission. The missions allow you to play in a team of 2,4 or 6 members depending on the type of mission. On the whole, the server does bring in other players to fill up the teams, when necessary fro a particular mission. This is one of the main reasons, why Fortnite players should play Destiny 2.

6. Upgrading Weapons

Weapon Selecting screen in Destiny 2

The players can upgrade their favorite gun easily in Destiny 2. You can regularly boost up the weapon and keep up with other weapons in your gear. The game allows players to infuse their favorite weapon, thus sacrificing any unwanted weapon to boost up your favorite one. You can also upgrade the weapon by collecting requisite materials. However, these upgrading resources are rarely found thus, should be invested wisely. A lot of attention has been put into the gear, you can find more about it here.

7. First person + Third Person experience

Emotes in Destiny 2

An exciting feature of Destiny 2, is its combination of first person and third person experience. The game is originally a first person shooter game, but frequently gives you the third person vibe. The game becomes third person in safe areas like towns, using swords, driving sparrow and while using emotes. Its a good feature, that keeps players engaged wiht frequent perspective changes.

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These are some of the exciting features that make Destiny 2 an amazing game. It combines both Multiplayer Online Gaming and Solo gaming elements in amazingly. In addition to these, its high tech weapons, unique character types and their special attributes give a sense of personalization. These features keep the players hooked for hours on this sci-fi game. These were some of the reasons why Fortnite players should play Destiny 2.

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