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PUBG Mobile C1S4 M8 Release date, Leaks and Rewards

Pubg mobile C1S4 M8 is ready to release with some really cool and exciting outfits and rewards. M8 will be released on February, 2022.

PUBG C1S4 M8 Royal Pass

pubg mobile royal pass m7
pubg mobile royal pass m8

Pubg new season m8 will be released on Februrary 17 and will end after 1 month. Next season will be C1S4 and It will be also divided into m1 and m2. The next update of pubg mobile 1.9 update is about to be released on 16 March 2022.

C1S4 season will be divided into two-month royal passes as usual. M8 will bring a lot of exciting rewards and something new as usual.

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PUBG Mobile C1S4 M8

M6 end date16 February 2022
Release date17 February 2022
Mythic Rewards
Update dateMarch 16, 2022
Release Time5 pm GMT+5
Free EmotesSumo Dance Emote
RP EmotesStomp Ground

Royal Pass M8 Rewards

New Dacia Skin

The most exciting reward will be a brand new Dacia skin with the name “Spider-man Drapfti Dacia“. A great mixture of blue, green, and pink colors web-type skin.

This skin might be available in the event section for a limited period of time or maybe as a permanent reward. Let’s just hope it’s free skin.

spider man grafti dacia skin
Spider-man grafti dacia skin

Silver Tier Reward

When you will log in to pubg mobile you will see a free reward on the silver tier which will be a golden-silver goggle. It will be a free and permanent reward.

golden silver goggle
Golden silver goggle

Gold Tier Rewards

On the Gold tier, you will get an OP outfit with the theme of m8 royal pass. The name of the outfit is not confirmed yet but it looks too good.

gold tier outfit
Gold Tier outfit

Platinum Tier Reward

The best thing about pubg mobile next royal pass is that you will get a parachute on platinum tier instead of ace tier. This parachute will be a combination of golden, brown, and light brown color combinations.

platinum tier reward
Platinum tier reward

Diamond Tier Reward

On the diamond tier, you will get a MK 14 gun skin. It will be winter theme gun skin with a blue color mixture.

diamond tier reward
Diamond Tier reward

Ace Tier Reward

In the upcoming royal pass of pubg mobile, you will get a free Mask on the ace tier. Pubg mobile has switched rewards of platinum tier with ace tier and you will get a Golden mask on reaching Ace and to obtain you have to play 5 matches on ace tier as usual.

Panda PUBG Bio

ace tier reward
ace tier reward

Reward on Ace Dominator

On reaching ace dominator you will get head Gear or I can say hairs. This is going to be an OP reward because these are unique hairs and I will be suitable for all the characters.

ace dominator reward
ace dominator reward

Emotes in M8 Royal pass

  • Stomp Ground
  • Archary Dance
  • Rising Star
  • Sumo Dance
  • Love Heart
  • Project Idiol

Voice Packs

  • MK Voice Pack – Male
  • Pevita Pearce – Female
  • Jonathan Voice Pack

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Rewards In M8 of C1S4

In month seven you will get free and paid, both types of rewards. Rewards from 1 to 50 RP are not out now and I will update as soon as I receive the leaks or rewards.

RP LevelFree RewardsRP Rewards
15 Crate Coupon ScrapGoth Avitar Set
Midnight Lantern – DP28
2 50AGSeason Portable Closet x1
4Rating Protection Card – 1 TimeClassic crate coupon scrap
5Mission CardGoth Avitar cover
630 AG1000BP
710 Silver40UC
8 Classic Crate Coupon x415 Silver
95 RP Badges Voucher (M8) Motorcycle Popularity x2
10500BPGold Porcelain Helmet
11Supply Crate Coupon x5Mission Card
1230AG1 Hour – BP Card x2
13RP Badge40UC/520UG
14Rating Prootection Card – 1 time Classic Crate Coupon x2
15Dislike EmoteRp Avatar
Golden Jade Stun Grenade
1710 Silver20UC/260AG
18 Classic Crate Coupon x6Battle- Grafti
195 RP Badges Voucher(M8)15 Silver
20Aquaflare ParachuteCrystal Egg Ornament
212x BP Card: 1-HourRainbow Glider Trail
2230AG15 Silver
2310 Silver 20UC/260AG
24 Supply Crate Coupon x5 Classic Crate Coupon x2
25Orange Jumpsuit OutfitRP Badge
2630 AG1,000 BP
27500BP 20UC/260AG
28Room Card – 1 Day15 Silver
29 Classic Crate Coupon x6 Motorcycle Popularity x2
30RP Voucher – 60UCGold Porcelain 2-seat Motorcyle
312x EXP Card – 1 HourMission Card
3230AG15 Silver
3310 Silver 20UC/260AG
345 Supply Crate Coupon Classic Crate Coupon x2
35Will of Steel – UZIRP Badge x6
37500BP 40UC/520AG
38500BP2x BP Card: 1-Hour
39 Classic Crate Coupon x10 15 Silver
4010 Silver Golden Jade – M16A4
41Rainbow Glider Trail2x BP Card: 1-Hour
4230AGFollow Me – Grafti
43500BP 40UC/520AG
44 Supply Crate Coupon x8 Classic Crate Coupon x2
4510 Silver Desert Warrior Mask
47500BP 40UC/520AG
48Room Card – 1 Day15 Silver
49Classic Crate Coupon x20Motorcycle Popularity x2
5015 SilverDesert Warrior Set


In m8 pubg is going to drop some really amazing and great rewards for free. In Royal pass M8 you will get rewards and outfits worthy of buying it.

Watch this video to see the rewards for PUBG mobile c1s4 m8 season royal pass. All the leaks of the upcoming royal pass are here in the video.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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