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Star Anonymous Pubg ID, Real Name, Age, Wife, Net worth

Star anonymous
Star anonymous

Star Anonymous Biography

Star Anonymous is a pubg mobile YouTuber. He is the biggest pubg youtube in Pakistan.

He is the most respected youtube in Pakistan because he was the first pubg youtube in Pakistan.

Currently, his youtube channel has the highest number of subscribers than any other pubg creator in Pakistan. His audience is known as Anonymous ki public and they support him from the depth of their heart.

If he is getting any hate in the comments or by the community he doesn’t have to do anything as anonymous ki public will defend him no matter what. Funny commentary and sasti shairi makes him the pubg sensation of the Pakistan gaming industry.

Star Anonymous Short Bio

Name Value
Real Name Mubeen Ansari
IGN STARxAnonymous
PUBG Id 5180495079
ID Level 79
Age 21
Gender Male
Profession Youtuber
Date of Birth April 01, 2000
Country Pakistan
City Rawalpindi
Pubg Device Ipad Pro 2020
Clan STARxEsports
Kd 6.57 (C1S1)
Server Middle East
Popularity 48540.0k
Relationship Status Married
Physique Slim Fit
Income $1050/Video
Net worth $426,240/Year
Phone Number CLICK HERE
Email [email protected]
Youtube Channel Channel Link
Instagram Instagram Account
Tiktok ID Anonymous Tiktok ID
Name Meaning Light (Roshni)
LifeStyle Simple (Middle Class)
Family Background Simple (Middle Class)
Slang Bawa G ki Public
Youtube Intro Assalam o Alikum Anonymous ki Public kese ho ap sab log welcome back
First Viral Video Best Sensitivity settings
Most Viewed Video Best Sensitivity settings


Star Anonymous Career

The success this guy has is the result of his hard work and dedication. Anonymous was trying to help his family by financial means from the start when he started his Youtube channel.

Before even PUBG Mobile was launched he was making videos of 8 ball Pool and trying to entertain the public as well as to earn some money. His Second channel is staranonymous360 is still on YouTube where he also uploads vlog videos regularly.

Star Anonymous belongs to a Middle-class family where he has to earn money to help his family. He is a very hard-working guy and doing his job with Dedication.

He stops his education because he couldn’t continue due to financial issues. He is under matric by education means.

He started uploading videos of 8 ball pool in 2016 on which he got good views. Those views were not enough for him to survive and earn some handsome money.

In 2018, he started uploading pubg mobile voice-over videos with funny commentary and high kills gameplay. His funny commentary and Sasti shairi makes becomes famous and his videos started getting views. His first viral video was a guide video where he was telling the public to improve their aim by Best sensitivity settings.

Star Anonymous is the best and most famous in the gaming community because of his simplicity and honesty. He always plays in high rank and Conqueror lobby. Many pubg players learn pushing Conqueror from him.

Meaning in Urdu

Meaning of star anonymous in urdu is گمنام ستارہ

Pubg ID

Star anonymous Pubg ID number is 5180495079

Send him popularity and show love to best Pubg Mobile player of Pakistan.

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Why People Hate Anonymous

People love anonymous a lot and anonymous ki public is the best audience anonymous have. But when there is love there is always hate also. People Hate anonymous because he is an Ipad player.

Playing mobile games on Ipad is not fair but he is a content creator, not a PUBG player so he is ok with it. Ipad players have the advantage of the bigger view and stable high frame rates which makes Ipad players unbeatable in close range.

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Social Media Audience

Star Anonymous main Youtube channel has 2.03 million subscribers and the second channel has 700k subscribers.  His Instagram account has 358k Followers. His Tiktok has 2.2 Million Followers. On Facebook, he has 153k Followers.

First Viral Video

His first video went viral in 2019 in which he was guiding the public about the best sensitivity settings for no recoil. That video reached 4.1 Million Views on YouTube. His time starts from that video and his earning started after that video.

If You haven’t watched that video yet you can watch it from here.

Most Viewed Video

His most viewed video is the same as the first viral video. He hasn’t crossed the number of views his video got till now.

The 2nd most viewed video is in which he got a challenge on all mic and the kill them alone.

Facts about Star Anonymous

  • He is the biggest Pubg Mobile Youtuber from Pakistan.
  • He was the first pubg youtube from Pakistan to reach 1 Million youtube subscribers.
  • He plays high rank and Conqueror lobby and still got a lot of kills.
  • His Slang bawa g is most the famous in Pakistan gaming community.
  • People hate him only because he is an Ipad Player.

Most Searched Questions about star anonymous

what is Star Anonymous Whatsapp Number?

His number is not public so if you want to contact him you have to email him or send your query on any social media account.

what is the name of Star Anonymouse’s wife?

His wife’s name is STARxDew.

Monthly Income?

His estimated monthly income is $7000-$9000. His one video earn an estimate of $700-1020.

Does Anonymous play Competitive?

He is not playing competitive however he plays sometimes from his official star esports lineup.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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