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Roar Abubaker PUBG Id number, Biography Phone

Roar Abubaker Introduction

Roar Abubaker is a Pakistani PUBG Mobile content creator and Youtuber. The real name of Abubaker is Abu Baker Nawab. He is one of the biggest YouTubers of Pakistan in terms of subscriber count. Currently, his youtube channel has 557k Subscribers. He has played with all Pakistani YouTubers like Ducky Bhai, Star anonymous, Mr jplay, and IBS Shan.

Roar Abubakar

Roar Abubakar Bio

Real NameAbu Baker Nawab
Name MeaningFather of a Young Camel
In-Game nameRoar-Abubaker
PUBG ID5610501363
ID Level67
Date of Birth1 April 2000
PUBG DeviceIpad Pro 2021
KD3.36 C1S2
ServerMiddle east
Relationship StatusSingle
Income$131-$393 per month
Net Worth$3000
Phone NumberPrivate
Whatsapp NumberNot Shared
Email[email protected]
Family BackgroundMiddle Class
Youtube IntroTo Roar Abubakar here

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Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLinkAudiance
FacebookFacebook Page1197
TikTokAbubaker gaming616.1k
YoutubeRoar Abubaker gaming557k

Roar Abubaker Career

Abubaker started his career from TikTok and made scripted videos for 15-30 seconds. He got views in millions and his account grows rapidly. Getting inspiration from his TikTok content he started making scripted videos on Youtube. He joins a random squad of girls and has fun with them. Later he was exposed as all of those randoms were actually his friends.

His snergy increases with them as the match starts. He also makes videos in Rooms and made them feel like they are real but the number of people alive says all. He is an Ipad Player and his clan Roar also has some other famous players like Cute panda.

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Most Viewd Video

Most videos of Roar Abubaker are mostly joining a random squad of naughty girls. Where he is talking dirty with the girls and girls are responding back. His most viewed video got 3.3 Million views on Youtube.

His second most viewed video is also the same type of content where he joins a random squad of a rich naughty squad of girls. This video has 2.2 million views on it. Abubaker acts like a noob player and troll randoms but later on, he plays very well and tells them that he is a youtube and was making this video for entertainment purposes.

Some Facts About Roar Abubaker

  • He has 1.1k fans on his Facebook Page and on the youtube channel, he has 557k Subscribers
  • Roar abubaker is famous for making videos in Rooms
  • All of his most viewed videos are joing random squad of girls
  • He Play with Star Anonymous alot
  • Roar Abubakar has been Invited in many PUBG Mobile official events


Roar Abubakar gaming is one of the most subscribed PUBG Youtubers from Pakistan. His videos are full of entertainment and fun. Abubaker is trying hard to be a successful Youtuber and a Good human too. Don’t spread hate towards any of the creators. If you don’t like any of his content then don’t watch his videos but don’t spread hate.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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