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PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update Release date, leaks, and Rewards

PUBG Mobile version 2.0 is available on the IOS store and Playstore. PUBG Mobile upcoming update 2.1 will be available on July 19, 2022. With each new update, Pubg Mobile try to give their users new rewards and prizes which keeps the users intact with the game.

Let’s see which rewards you will be getting in the upcoming update of pubg mobile.

Erangel 3.0
Erangel 3.0
Old UpdatePubg Mobile Version 2.0
Pubg Mobile 2.0 end dateJuly 18, 2022
Pubg Mobile 2.1 Release DateJuly 19, 2022

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Rewards

Crossbow 2.0

In the next update of PUBG Mobile, you will see a new gun which you can say I upgraded version of the old crossbow. The main difference between the old and new is the firing animation and the new crossbow looks way more real the old one.

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In terms of damage, both will be the same but this crossbow will have a long-range and the fire will travel more than the old one without falling down.

New Gun M417

This new gun m417 will be added in the next update of pubg mobile. Unlike m416 this gun will have a slow fire rate and will be used mostly on a single tap. There are chances that this will have more damage than m416 but if a gun has more damage it is confirmed that it will have more recoil.


This sniper AMR will be the deadliest gun in the history of PUBG Mobile. It will be an upgraded version of AWM and even on one body shot it will be able to take out an enemy.

It will use the same sniper meta and with AMR+8x scope, you can knock out anyone who is rendering no matter how far the enemy is.

There will be only 10 Bullets out of which 5 will be loaded into the gun and the rest of 5 will be in your backpack. That’s not a wise decision by PUBG Mobile because there should be at least 25 Bullets.

PUBG Mobile new update LEAKS

Erangel 3.0

Erangel 3.0 is expected to be added in the next update of Pubg Mobile version 2.1. There are rumors that it will have three to four Irelands, unlike old Erangel which have the same Two Irelands.

This image is not official but it is said that this could be the next version of Erangel.

Erangel 3.0
Erangel 3.0

M79 Smoke Launcher

A Cool Smoke Launcher will be added in the Pubg update version 2.1. It will be like a pistol and a pistol slot will be used for it. You can Load 4 smokes in the magazine and fire one after another. The range of the smoke will be a little more and more speedy too.

Holiday Map

Pubg Mobile will be finally adding a Holiday Map in the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile. Leaks Pubg mobile update is available from last month but somehow it wasn’t added in the previous version but there are high chances that this will be added in the next update 2.1

Other Leaks of PUBG Version 2.1

  • Zombie Infection Mood 3.0
  • Flying Plane
  • 10x Scope
  • Big Ship
  • New Modes


PUBG Mobile is trying hard to keep the interest of players in the game with the new updates. All the rewards for an upcoming new update of mobile 2.1 are not confirmed and you might see only a few of them in the next update or maybe all of them. PUBG Mobile update 2.1 release date is expected to be July 17, 2022.

Watch this video to have better visuals of the next update of PUBG Mobile.


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