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PUBG Mobile New Ranking System 2022

With the new 1.5.0 update PUBG mobile new ranking system has been changed a little. After season 19 people were expecting season 20 but PUBG mobile has changed it S1C1 (Cycle 1 Season 1).

Cycle 1 Seasone 1
Cycle 1 Seasone 1

PUBG Mobile Tier Ranking Points 2022

PUBG mobile ranking is changed after ace. They add two new tiers named Ace Master and Ace dominator. Before c1s1 You were getting 1 star on every 100 points you gain after Ace tier but now you will have a proper tier after ace and ace master.

After Ace Dominator points system will be the same as it was before and you will be getting stars after ace dominator.

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Even though the conqueror tier system is the same as it was before. You have to be in the Top 500 after Ace Tier in any server and in any mode TPP or FPP.

Here is New PUBG Mobile new Ranking system 2022

TierStarting PointsEnding PointsRewards
Bronze10001699200 Silver
Silver17002199400 Silver
Gold22002699600 Silver
C1S1 Set
Platinum27003199800 Silver
C1S1 Mask
Diamond320036991000 Silver
Crown370041991300 Silver
C1S1 Crown Tag
Crown Team-up Effect
3 Rating Protection Cards
Ace420046991600 Silver
C1S1 Ace Parachute
C1S1 Ace Title
C1S1 Ace Name Tag
Ace Team-up Effect
Ace Master470051991600 Silver
C1S1 Ace Master Title
C1S1 Ace Master Name Tag
Ace Master Team-up Effect
Ace Dominator52001600 Silver
C1S1 Ace Dominator Title
C1S1 Ace Dominator Name Tag
Ace Dominator Team-up Effect
Ace Dominator Avatar
Conqueror42002000 Silver
C1S1 Conqueror Frame
C1S1 Conqueror Title
C1S1 Conqueror Name Tag
PUBG Conqueror team-up Effect

Don’t Confuse on Conqueror at the end because Conqueror System is the same as it was before Cycle 1 Season 1.

One thing PUBG Mobile has done is that you will get rewards after every 100 points you gain.

For example, if you are on Bronze 5 and you gain 100 points and reached Bronze 4

You will get some silver and Supply Coupon Scraps. On every 100 points, you will be getting something and something is always better than nothing.

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One thing which is most likely to hate about this update and season is the conqueror frame

Which is not as attractive as it was before.

With each update of PUBG Mobile, the gaming is becoming oversize and choppy.

People who have good devices can play easily and smoothly but Low-end devices are not able to play that smoothly.  If you want to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile then you might need some external app.

GFX Tools application can help you out related to this issue as it can give the maximum capability of the device.

With that being said that’s it from my side on This New PUBG mobile ranking system 2022 Topic.

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