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PUBG Mobile C1S1 M2 Release date and Rewards

Pubg mobile c1s1 m2 will be released soon with some really exciting rewards. The release date is confirmed and RP will be locked on august 12, 2021

PUBG C1S1 M2 Royal Pass

pubg c1s1 m2 royal pass

Pubg new season m2 will be released on August 13 and will end after one month. Next season will be C1S2 and It will be also divided into m1 and m2.

In month 2 you can attain a maximum of 50 RP levels. Rewards will be new and unique than M1.

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PUBG Mobile C1S1 M2

Name Value
M1 end date 12 August 2021
Release date 13 August 2021
Mythic Rewards Marine Marauder set
Update date august 12, 2021
Release Time 5pm GMT+5
Free Emotes Ready Emote
RP Emotes Marine marauder Emote

Rewards In M2 of C1S1

In month 2 you will get something on each RP level and a lot of exciting rewards.

RP Level Free Rewards RP Rewards
1 5 Coupon Scraps Marine Predator set

Marine Marauder UZI

2 250 RP points

1 RP mission card

3 500 bp points 80UC
4 Rating Protection Card 1 Coupon scrap
5 Rp mission card Marine predator cover
6 30 G-coins 100bp
7 10 Silver 40UC
8 2 coupon scraps 15 silver
9 5 RP badges voucher 2 popularity bikes
10 500bp Lapis Barier backpack
11 5 coupon scraps 1 RP mission card
12 30 G-coins BP 2x card
13 Marine predator parachute 40UC
14 Rating protection card 1 coupon scrap
15 Ready Emote RP Avatar
16 30 G-coins 100bp
17 10 silver 20UC
18 3 Coupon Scraps 3 Stickers
19 5 RP badges voucher 15 Silver
20 500bp Marine Marauder Finish
21 2x BP points card 3 parachute trails
22 Column 2 Value 22 Column 2 Value 21
23 30 G-coins 15 silver
24 5 coupon scraps 1 coupon scrap
25 School Girls in Pink outfit RP badge
26 30 G-coins 1000bp
27 500bp 20UC
28 Room Card 1 day 15 silver
29 3 coupon scraps 2 popularity bikes
30 60 RP badges voucher Marine predator grenade

Marine marauder Emote

31 Exp x2 Card RP mission card
32 30 G-coins 15 silver
33 10 silver 20UC
34 5 classic coupons scraps 1 supply coupon scrap
35 Alien Technology QBZ 6 RP badges
36 30 G-coins 1000bp
37 500bp 40UC
38 500bp Bp x2 card
39 5 supply coupon scrap 15 silver
40 15 Silver Marine Marauder M24
41 Bp x2 card 3 landing trails
42 30 G-coins 3 stickers
43 500bp 40UC
44 8 supply coupon scraps 1 Classic coupon scrap
45 10 silver RP badge
46 50 G-coins 1000bp
47 500 bp 40UC
48 Room card 1 day 15 silver
49 10 Classic Coupon Scraps 2 Popularity Bikes
50 15 silver Marine Marauder Set

Marine marauder Headgear


In m2 pubg will give you a lot of free and paid rewards. One thing I will miss is they are not giving 7-day room which we use to play for fun. We use that 7-day room to practice and improve our aim in close range.

Watch this video to see the rewards for PUBG mobile c1s1 m2 seasoned royal pass.


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