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Pubg Mobile 1.8 Update Release date, Features and Leaks 2022

pubg mobile 1.6 update

Pubg mobile 1.8 update is about to release soon and a lot of new features are coming. In the latest pubg update, Your favorite maps vikendi and Infection mode (Zombie mode) are back again.

Pubg Mobile 1.8 update

With every update, pubg mobile always brings new features and freshness to the game to make it more excited for the players. In the previous 1.7 update, pubg mobile added a lot of features, new maps, new events, and new guns. In the upcoming 1.8 updates, pubg mobile will also add new maps, features, and events.

Name Value
Upcoming update version 1.8
Release date 18 January 2022
New Modes Zombie Faction Mode

Story Mode

Flying car Mode

New Guns FMR
Voice Pack Punjabi Voice Pack
Outfits Lady of blood Outfit

Wrath Lord Outfit

Spike Demon Outfit

Grave Lord Outfit

You will see the following new features in the upcoming 1.8 update by PUBG Mobile.

Login Screen

Pubg mobile login screen will look like this with a moving spaceship in the background.

pubg 1.6 update login screen

The lobby will also look same as shown above. This will be a legendary lobby with a time period of 60 days.

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New Maps in PUBG 1.8 update

vikendi 2.0

The most exited part of the next update is Vikendi 2.0 and I will be added in the next 1.8 update. In the previous update of pubg mobile, they removed the Vikendi map but it is back with the new exited features and map dimensions.

Like Erangle 2.0 it will also be changed like the building design and colors of grass and walls. Bridges and Buildings structures will be changed in vikendi 2.0.

A train track and train will be added to the map which cannot be stopped by anything. If you park the vehicles in front of train vehicles will be blasted and you stand in front of it you might also be killed.

Some City’s names are also changed in the new vikendi map. Dino park name will be changed to dino land.

Zombie Faction Mode

zombie infection mode

When you enter in the new update you can see your favorite mode Zombie faction is back with new and exciting features.

Zombie mode was deleted in the previous pubg mobile update but the love of players made it possible to get back. I personally love this mode and play it a lot.

However, they have changed the meta a little bit and also changed the texture of zombies as well as defenders. Buildings and Map dimensions are also changed.

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Flying Car Mode

flying car in pubg mobile

In the classic match, there will be an event where you will find vehicle stations. You have to go to those stations and flying cars will be parked there.

These cars will be auto-driven cars and you just have to select your destination on the map and the flying car will drive automatically there. You can change your seat if you want to take flight with the enemies during traveling.

Events in 1.8 Update

PUBG Mobile adds an event in every update. In the latest pubg mobile 1.8 update, they will add

Summer Season Mode

summer mode

On the map, there will be some locations where you can go and have fun. At the event location, there will be 4 boat spawns and some jump tracks. There will be no loot and it will be just for fun.

You can do fishing, sitting, and other fun activities in the marked location. Boats and slides will be there to have fun alone or with friends.

Car Racing Event in 1.8 update

car racing track in pubg mobile

In this event, you can play a race. A track-like Need for Speed on the map of erangle.

Sounds fun, right?

On track when you start the race you will have to be on the track and collect time-boosting points. Now you can go a little far and have fun on the racing track.

This will be more fun when your friends are with you and you are racing. Only one player will be the winner but who?

It could be you

New Guns in Next Update

new gun in pubg

FMR will be the new gun in the latest update and it will have a scope that will be fixed. 8x scope on FMR can be converted between 8x and 4x scope but cannot be removed.

This Gun will be a high damaged gun and it is a kind of mixture of shotgun and sniper. When you scope in it will be a sniper and its crosshair looks like a shotgun. However, this is not a shotgun.

Thing gun will be a laser-based gun and charge itself after one fire. One thing which makes this gun excited is that it will have unlimited ammo and you don’t have to charge it again.

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PUBG Mobile 1.8 update Self Reviving Kit

When you are playing duo or squad and your friend is far away from you. You got knocked out and got revived without the help of your friend. Sound illogical right?

This will be possible in the upcoming update where you will be able to revive yourself. All you need is a self reviving kit. You will find the kit on the map where other loot is spawn.

Bonus Challenge

bonus challenge

In the bonus challenge, you will be able to participate and by winning games you will get battle coins. Battle coins can be converted into rewards and UC cash. Check out the upcoming royal pass m7 which will come in the next pubg mobile 1.8 update.

You need to meet the level requirement and register yourself. The next step will be just to participate and win. rewards.

New Voice Pack

bhola record punjabi voice pack

PUBG mobile will add a voice pack of Bhola record who is a Punjabi entertainer from Pakistan. This voice pack will be very fun and interesting. There is the possibility that it will be a paid voice pack and you can get it in 1200 UC cash.

Sunny Character

new sunny character in pubg mobile

A girl character sunny will be available in the upcoming update of pubg mobile. Sunny will have its own unique voice pack, unique dresses, and emotes.

New Outfits

new outfits in pubg

In the 1.8 update of pubg, you will see a lot of new outfits which will be mythic as well as legendary. Some of them are

  • Lady of blood Outfit
  • Wrath Lord Outfit
  • Spike Demon Outfit
  • Grave Lord Outfit


Pubg mobile always works hard for the satisfaction of the player. In the 1.8 update pubg mobile will add a lot of new features and some of them we already have discussed. In the previous 1.7 update, they changed their ranking system but in this update you won’t see any ranking points system change.

There are high chances that in the next pubg update they will remaster the Novo and military-base bridges.

You can also watch this video for video previews of the new features.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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