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Tobias Naslund, also known as Panda is a Pubg mobile YouTuber from Sweden. He Is one of the biggest pubg mobile Youtubers all over the world.

He started his Youtube channel on 21 May 2018. His youtube channel currently has 1,690,113,002 views.

He is famous because he plays pubg mobile too Good. In the start, he was uploading videos with high kills like 35 40 kills in a single match. Those videos reached millions of people all over the world.

panda pubg mobile
Panda PUBG

He has fans all over the world. Everyone who plays PUBG Mobile knows who is Panda. Many new and old pubg mobile players made him their idol.

An interesting fact about panda is that he doesn’t have m416 glacier skin. He is trying hard to get the skin by spending millions of UC and still he is unlucky.

He has done classic crates opening on live streams and over the video, so many times but this panda and m416 glacier story is still incomplete.

His lobby have these mythic items

  • Lizard Roar m416 (Level 3)
  • Blood reven X-Suit (6 stars)
  • Godzila AWM (Level 6)
  • Moonlight Grace Kar98K (Level 6)
  • Pharaoh’s Might – M24 (level 4)
  • Wanderer m416 (level 4)
  • McLaren 570S (Peralescent)
  • Koenigsegg Jesko (Rainbow)
  • Koenigsegg Gamera (Dawn)

Panda PUBG Bio

Real Name Tobias Naslund
PUBG ID 5178659321
In-Game name paлdaū
Name MeaningGOD is Good
ID Level70
Date of Birth14 July 1997
PUBG DeviceIpad 2021
ClanNot in any clan
KD6.13 C1S2
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
PhysiqueGood Looking
Income$221-$593 per month
Net Worth$4040
Phone NumberNot shared
Whatsapp Number Not shared
Email[email protected]
LifeStyleElite Family
Family BackgroundUpper-Class
SlangLets Go
Youtube IntroDepends on each video

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLinkAudience
Facebookpandapubgmobile306,692 Likes
TikTok@panda.pubgmobile343.2k Fans
YoutubeChannel Link11.1 Million Subscribers
Instagrampanda_was_taken387k Followers

Panda PUBG Sensitivity settings

If you want to make your sprays good then I will suggest you make your own sensitivity but still, if you want to copy panda pubg sensitivity then here is the best sensitivity setting.

panda ads camera sensitivity
panda-gyroscope camera sensitivity

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Panda pubg mobile username

paлdaū is his username in PUBG Mobile.

Net worth

Panda earns 2.2 million each year and his net worth is about 6.6 Million.

Panda Outfit pubg

Blood Reven Set is his Current outfit in-game.

Most Viewd Video

Most viewed video of panda is in which he kills 30 enemies in a sinlgle match and also made a record of 10 kills in just two minutes. This video has more then 17 Million views on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most asked questions on the internet about Panda PUBG.

Panda pubg mobile real name?

The real name of Panda pubg is Tobias Naslund and he is from Sweden.

Is Panda pubg a hacker?

No, He is not a hacker and plays legit but people often call him a hacker because he kills his enemies so easily.

Who is Panda pubg?

Panda is PUBG Mobile player and Youtuber from swedan.

How much panda pubg earns

According to Social blade, Panda earns about $16000 to $24000 per month. His yearly income is about $2.2 Million.

what is Panda pubg mobile country?

He is from Sweden.

What is the name of Panda pubg girlfriend ?

Panda pubg girlfriend’s name is Olivia.

Panda PUBG Id price?

Since he does a lot of crate opening for glacier and his ID is full of mythic items. Panda Pubg ID price is almost $29000.


Panda is one of the best pubg mobile player i know and he is most loved youtuber in the world. I added information which i possibly could get and his pubg id, wife, girlfriend, real name, age, country maybe incorrect. If i wrote something wrong please correct me in the comment section and i will update it as soon as possible.

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My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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