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Improve Aim in PUBG Mobile – Aim Like Pro Players

Improve Aim in PUBG Mobile – Aim Like Pro Players

Ever wonder how pro players aim so good? How you can improve aim in PUBG Mobile? How do they connect most of their bullets on the head? How do they push to conqueror so fast?

All of these questions are normal to think as I wonder too. You don’t need to worry anymore because at the end of the article you will have enough knowledge to aim Perfectly.

improve your aim pubg
Improve your aim in pubg

Remember these tips and drills will work only if you practice them. The more you practice the more you will aim Good.

Let’s dive into the tips and drills to improve your aim in PUBG Mobile.

Crosshair Placement

The most important factor which highly impacts your aim in Pubg mobile is your crosshair placement.

The best drill to improve your crosshair placement is to play TDM Matches as much as you can. Always aim at the Head because if your bullet connects first then 75% chances are that you will kill the enemy.

If you are taking Close range fight then never open your scope because it will slower your any kind of movement(jiggle). If you see the enemy’s point of view then you will be almost standing still and shooting if you open the scope.

TDM matches will definitely improve your aim, reflexes, and ability to take the fight with multiple enemies.

If you want to win a 1v1 close-range fight then you have to be good at crosshair placement. Go to the training ground and practice there too with harder difficulties.

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Gyroscope Always On

gyroscope on

Some of you guys might be using gyroscope on scope in and even some of you guys are not using. Use it as always on and it will improve your spray transfer between enemies and also spray tracking on the enemy.

Sometimes in summer your hand and the mobile screen become wet and you are not able to aim that much good by thumb. In these kinds of situations, gyroscope users don’t face any issues.

3rd Person No Scope Sensitivity

3rd person no scope sensitivity

Make sure to play on high sensitivity setting of 3rd person no scope. With high 3rd person no scope setting taking the fight in close range, you can easily aim at the enemy if he suddenly comes behind you.

If your current sensitivity is around 180 or any other then increase a little daily to aim better. Make sure don’t increase suddenly as you won’t be able to control it then. Increase 10% daily and practice it.

Master Your Favorite Gun

Instead of choosing multiple guns combinations in games make sure you at least master one gun.

Suppose you like using dp-28 then make sure to pick dp-28 in all of your matches to improve your aim in PUBG mobile.

When you use the same gun in all matches then your muscle memory will be so strong for that gun and you will take down enemies no matter enemies are far away or in close range.

Mastering one gun and you can take down enemies from moving vehicles easily.

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Peak and Fire

peak and fire

Peak and fire can improve your gameplay a lot. If you are in the cover and want to shoot your enemy then you have to make sure you are using the peak button in the right way.

Don’t expose yourself a lot while shooting because if your body is exposed you will be killed. Peak a little bit and shoot so that enemy sees your little part of your body and he won’t aim good at you.

Don’t peak when you are close to your enemy as it will stop your left-right movement and you are most likely to get killed.

Aim Assist On

aim assist on

Aim assist is very important if you are a beginner. Aim assist force your crosshair to go at the enemy’s body. It is not good when you are taking a fight with multiple enemies in close range but it has more benefits than Cons so you should use it.

Jiggle Movement

If you want to win a close-range fight you have to be good at jiggle movement. Jiggle movement is moving left and right while shooting at the enemy. Jiggle movement will make it hard for your enemy to aim at you.

If you are good at jiggle movement then you can do advanced variations too like jiggle-crouch-jiggle and jiggle-crouch-jiggle-prone.

Hip Fire Accuracy

Taking fight in close range you can use hip fire. Hip fire is an advanced variation but you can practice and master it too.

Sooting the enemy without opening scope and using jiggle crouch movement can improve your aim accuracy.

Conclusion on Aim Improvement in PUBG

These are some tips you can follow to improve PUBG mobile aim.  Practice these aim improvement drills and you will see improvement with time. Play TDM and BOOTCAMP to improve your aim and game sense to perfection. Play for the kills not for the rank if you actually want to improve your gameplay.

No one was perfect and every Pro was once a beginner.

Practice hard, kill hard.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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