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How to get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Dragon Ball Adventure Island is a special feature to the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Cross over. The collaboration till now has been upto the mark to provide its fans some exciting DBZ experience. To add to the excitement, the collab introduced a whole Island carrying the Dragon Ball Z experience. Its a separate creative map, that contains iconic locations, characters, collectibles, mini-games and even quests regarding Dragon Ball Z. In this article, we shall find out more about how to get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island and access its features.

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1. How to Access Dragon Ball Adventure Island

screenshot of game lobby selecting Adventure Island
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In order to get into Dragon Ball Adventure Island, you first need to return to the main menu. Then you need to select the lobby. You will be able to see Fortnite X Dragon Ball lobbies. From these, you must select Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

However, if you can’t find it in the lobbies, you need to go back to the game mode selection screen and click on Island code tab at the top. After this, you will need to enter the code, 5642-8525-5429 into the box and click play, to access this creative map.

2. Collecting Dragon Balls in Adventure Island

Goku staninf infront of the quest board in Fortnite X Dragon Ball cross over
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There are a total of seven Dragon Balls scattered on different locations in the Adventure Island. As a part of the Endurance Training Quests of the cross over, the players are required to collect a Dragon Ball from the Adventure Island. As soon as you enter the creative map, you will find the first Dragon ball lying infront of the quest board. You will also find Son Goku standing there. After collecting the first ball, you can either return to complete remaining Endurance Training Quests or can stay and explore at the adventure Island. There are a total of seven dragon balls scattered across differnet places in adventure island. These include Resort Area, Goku’s house, Kami’s Palace, Room of Spirit and time, and Beeur’s planet.

Kami's palace featued in Dragon Ball Adventure Island
kami’s Palace

At each of these iconic places from Dragon Ball Z, the players need to complete various tasks and mini-games, completion of which is rewarded as a dragon ball. There’s also the Dragon radar, in the centre of plaza which can be used to locate a hidden dragon ball. Find out about the location and mini-game of each dragon ball here.

3. Summoning Shernon in Adventure Island

After you have collected the dragon balls from different places, you will need to return to the Resort area (starting place). You will find the seventh dragon ball lying infront of the quest board. After collecting the last ball, you will be teleported to a special place upon agreeing to it, where Shernon would be summoned to grant you a wish. After this, you will be done on Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

4. Tenkaichi Budokai in Adventure Island

Tenkaichi Budokai from series
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The iconic tournamet from Dragon Ball Z, Tenkaichi Budokai is now in Fortnite. Its included as a mini-game in the adventure island. The stadium is located in the starting place, left to the spaceship. Before starting the mini-game, you will need to select any one weapon from three. As soon as you enter the legendary ring, you will receive Kamehameha. Most players tend to spam each other by contiously shooting Kamehamehas. There’s no particular quest or reward from this epic mini-game from series, but still its a good way to kill time.

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So these were some of the details on how to get to dragon ball adventure island. The island has some exciting iconic places and mini-games which you can enjoy to get the Dragon Ball experience. Lets know, what mini-game or place you find best in Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

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