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How to Become Spiderman in Fortnite 2022

Our all time favorite Marvel Hero, Spiderman was introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1 in Fortnite Universe. The arrival of Spiderman in Fortnite was a highly anticipated event. The fans’ long time wish became true, when Fortnite introduced Spiderman outfits on December 5, two weeks ahead of the release of Spider Man No Way Home. It was one of the most successful of collabs between Marvel and Fortnite and garnered huge fame. Now lets dive deeper as to how can you become spiderman in Fortinite 2022.

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1. Purchasing Spiderman No Way Home Outfits

Spiderman No way Home Bundle

The collab in season 1 of Chapter 3 introduced the No way Home Bundle. The No way home bundle featured three outfits: Spiderman (No way Home), Spiderman (Tom Holland) without mask, Michelle Jones MJ. It also featured back bling and No way HomeRun Hitter. The players can buy No way Home Bundle, featuring all these outfits and items at 2300 V-Bucks or buy each one separately. If you want to purchase Spiderman outfit alone, you can get it in 1500 V-bucks.

2. Purchasing Spiderman Zero Skin

Spiderman Zero skin Spider Drone

In the Fortnite X Marvel: Comic Series, the fans were served another amazing Spider man costume. It was a suit of Spider man Zero. However, initially the only way to get this skin was to buy the print edition of Fortnite X Marvel: Comic series. The edition included a code, that the players needed to redeem through epic games account. And after redeeming, the item appeared in player’s locker. However, this skin didn’t remain exclusive for long. And now players can purchase Spider Man Zero bundle for 1800 V-Bucks. The bundle includes Spiderman Zero Outfit, Super Drone Back Bling, Web slicer tool and landing spidey emote.

2. Webshooters

Web SHooters in fortnite

Fortnite gave a chance to its players to literally enjoy the spiderman experience. The collab featured a quite unique and widely famed mythic item, Web shooters. It was a licensed webshooter that allowed the players to web sling across the island. The videos of webshooters made rounds on the internet, becoming one of the most famous mythic items till now.

However, unfortunately this amazing mythic item was vaulted at the start of season 2 in chapter 3. Therefore, the players can’t enjoy this amazing item anymore. There’s no news or rumor about the return of Web shooters in fortnite, but still they can be unvaulted in any upcoming collab with Marvel.

3. Grapple Gloves

Grapple Glove

Fortnite introduced Grapple Gloves in Chapter 3 Season 3. These grapple gloves are functionally Web shooters with just minor cosmetic diferences. These Grappel gloves can be found in purple chests, that are scattered on different locations in the map. Once equipped, you need to aim at buildings or trees and swing across them. Due to its high similarity with web shooters, players have termed it as unlicensed version of Web shooters. There are also some challenges, for which you need to use grapple glove.

Grapple Glove locations in Fortniteisland
Grapple Glove location- Image via

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Though, the web shooters are not available in Fortnite in 2022. But you can still become spiderman in Fortnite 2022 by purchasing Spiderman No way Home outfits and the Grapple glove. The players can also get Spiderman Zero bundle by purchasing the comic or directly from the item shop. Thus, in this way you can become Spiderman in Fortnite 2022.

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