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Best Gun Combination in PUBG Mobile Used by Youtubers

best guns combination in pubg mobile

Best Guns Combination in PUBG

Playing in High-rank tiers Requires the best gun combination in PUBG Mobile which will make you unstoppable and you can be the deadliest player in the lobby.

Choosing guns depends on many things like you want to take close-range fights or you want to engage in long-range fights.

Why does range matter?

See if you are playing rush and going for the kills then you need guns that are good in close range.

If you are pushing rank and playing safe or maybe you are playing in high-rank tiers where you are required to give one or two knocks to push. You need guns that are good in long-range and can provide you an opening knock on enemies.

We are going to knock about guns which are good in close range, long-range and for sprays and middle range. After suggesting to you some good guns I am going to suggest to you the best guns combination in PUBG Mobile after new updates.

Drops weapons are not included in the list at there is always a risk going for the drop. Butt all the weapons that come in the drop are very high damage and are always good.

Best Close Range Guns in Pubg

Gun Name Damage Fire Rate(Second)
AKM 47 0.01s
M762 46 0.086s
UZI 26 0.048
Thompson 40 0.086s

Mid and Long Range Combination

Gun Name Damage Fire Rate(Second)
m416 41 0.085s
DP-28 51 0.109s
Scar-L 41 0.096s
Mini 14 46 0.13

so these are some best guns which you can use. Real question is which guns to combine for better output. Lets jump into the best guns combination

M416 and Akm

akm and m416 combination

This combination is the most versatile and mostly used by many Pro players and Youtubers. These two guns can be used in any kind of situation if you are pushing rank or if you are playing rush.

Close range or mid-range, these two guns can help you destroy the whole lobby. M416 can be used for sprays in mid-range and in long-range you can use single tap shots. Two or three heads of m416 and your enemies are knocked out no matter how far he is. M416 is a very good and easy-to-use gun and its recoil can be controlled by anyone.

Proper attachments are attached and you are good to go. If we talk about AKM then it’s a beast gun in close range. The best thing about AKM is that you can give pre-fire and still you will have enough bullets in your magazine to kill your enemies.

If you want to use AKM properly then you need to connect your head first to the enemy and then your enemies won’t get a chance to fire a single bullet on you.

Dp-28 and M762

akm and dp 28 combo (1)

This gun combination is the second most used combination in pubg mobile by many professional players. Dp-28 is a gun that is very low in recoil and high in damage.

Dp-28 can be used to spray down enemies in mid-range and even if your enemies are far away you can use do bursts. If you learn the burst mode of dp-28 then you are unstoppable. One burst of dp can knock an enemy even if the enemy is far away from you.

To take fights in close range then you can use M762. This gun is beast in close range and you can use this gun combination anytime in any type of situation.

I personally use AKM with Dp-28 and you can also use but if I get proper attachment then I mostly go for the beryl m762.

M762 and M416

m416 and m762 gun combination (1)

M762 is the deadliest gun in pubg mobile and you can easily clutch a whole squad with this gun. The fire rate of m762 is very high and damage is also very high.

If you use m762 properly use is unbeatable in the close range. Using a suppressor on M762 makes it more of a beautiful gun.  On the other hand, M416 for the sprays to knock the enemies which are far from you or maybe they are moving from on a vehicle. M762 is high in damage but has a little more recoil.

One rule in PUBG mobile is that

High in Damage, High in recoil

so If you practice well you control the recoil of m762 and you can wipe everyone who comes closer to you.

M416 and Mini-14

m416 and mini 14 conmibination in pubg mobile (1)

This combination is used by many Professional and esports players in competitive and tournaments matches. If you are pushing rank and you want to play a little safe then this gun will help you to fight enemies.

Playing in a high-rank lobby, enemies won’t let you close in easily so you have to give damage and knock them first from the long range. Knocking enemies in long-range can be done with mini 14 easily.

When you are playing in ace tier and above tier, there will be many enemies in the last zone. Fights are happening everywhere and you can steel those kills with mini 14 far from them. If you have 8x scope then this gun is a must-have for you.

M416 can provide assistance in close range can be used in other ranges too. Make sure you have an extended quickdraw because you need to reload fast if enemies are in close range to you.

Uzi and M762

m72 and uzi gun combination (1)

Well, I personally love this combination when I am playing for the kills or playing rush. If I am playing solo vs squad then this gun combination in pubg mobile is best to clutch out a whole squad.

These two guns are beasts in close range. If your enemies are coming to you one by one then you should use uzi to take a 1v1 fight.

If the enemies are coming and rushing on you together then you should use m762 as it can knock 2 3 knocks easily with one magazine and in some cases, you can wipe the whole squad with just a single magazine.

If we include drop weapons to the list then it should be like this.

AWM and Groza

awm and groza gun combination (1)

If you are a snipper lover then you already know the power of AWM and the capabilities of AWM. One-shot one the head and your enemy is knocked out, no matter how much health enemy have of even it can knock a level three helmet.

If you are playing for then fun and rush then loot the drop and get these deadly guns. Knock an enemy from the long range and just rush on them. One enemy is knocked out and one is giving revive to his. Now it’s 1v2 and you have Groza in your hands you don’t need to worry just rush and wipe them.


One thing I want to tell you is that the best gun combination is in which you have mastered and you use the most. Try to master a gun so that you can control recoil and other aspects of guns. Master a gun, trust me it will improve your game skills a lot.

All of these combinations are used and loved by many Pubg mobile players. M416 and AKM is the best gun combination in PUBG mobile and I personally use it in competitive matches and also in classic matches.

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Watch the below video if you want to see gun combination video. This is an old video by an Indian youtube names Castoo. A lot has be changed in guns meta so make sure to follow my suggested combo.

Watch my latest montage to see my gun combination in scrims and classic matches

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