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What is Graveyard Keeper?

Graveyard keeper is a medieval graveyard management simulator, in which you take the role of a graveyard keeper and church cleric who has to manage all the affairs of his own and the village. The game was releassed in 2018 by a Russian game developer studio, Lazy Bear and published by Tiny Build. Since its release it has amassed a large sum of applauses from the gamer community. Its a perfect management simulator game, that takes you into all ventures, from solving mysteries, dissecting human bodies, trading to fighting enemies and setting up industries for natural resources. Lets take a dive into the details of Graveyard Keeper.

Screenshot ffrom Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard keeper infront of his home

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1. Graveyard Keeper: storyplot

The best thing I found about Graveyard Keeper is probably its mysterious story plot that keeps you curious throughout the game from very start. The game opens as our protagonist is hit by an incoming truck while crossing the road. After the accident, the protagonist comes across a reaper who informs him to meet a talking skull named Gerry. Soonafter, the protagonist finds himself lying in a bed, and considers the accidient and the reaper a mere dream. But to his astonishment, he finds himself in a graveyard keeper’s house. He soon comes across the talking skull, who tells our protagonist about his duties as the Graveyard keeper.

The protagonist, is surprised to find out that somehow he has been transported back to time at medieval Europe. He goes to the village to sell the meat, extracted from a dead human body and finds the villager’s lifestyle even more bizzare. During this time, he works upon increasing the quality of his graveyard, upon which the bishop grants him the clericship of the long closed church. In his search for answers regarding his bizzare arrival in this land, he runs errands for various indiviuals of the village including the inquistor, a nobility whose job is to burn every witch and heretic in the land.

Soon afterwards, we come to realize the odd behavior and relationships between various individuals of this land. There’s a strange atmosphere of the village, as the villagers rumor about vampires sucking blood of women, in addition to hating the town. The Town itself, commands order over the village through the soldiers, the Inquisitor and the Bishop. The story unfolds further as we come across an astrologer, who guides us about a portal on the witchhill that might help our protagonist in returning to his modern world.

Screenshort from game-Graveyardkeeper
Graveyard keeper talking to Bishop infront of church

Nonetheless, from time to time, we get to know that there was a former graveyard keeper at the same place as well, who also wondered about that portal and then suddenly disappeared one day. Was he also from another world ? Have I arrived here to replace the old graveyard keepr? These are the questions which keep the player intrigued from the very beginning. The story doesn’t end here and takes on even more mysterious turns as time goes by. The details of the complete story would spoil the excitement. For a gamer, him/herself take the role of protagonist and find their common destiny.

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2. Why you should play Graveyard Keeper

1. Graphics

In today’s time, when all the game developers are battling to make realistic looking graphics, Graveyard keeper takes a calm run in its retro pixel graphics. It uses the traditional pixel art and sprites that we used to see in the early 90’s Sega and Nintendo games. These simple graphics make it very unique and serene.

2. Mysterious Story

The best thing I have found aboout Graveyard keeper is its intense mystery, that starts from the very start and continues till the last. After knowing about one piece in the puzzle of story, you are even more excited to learn about the next.

3. Farmer Experience

Our graveyard keepr is a Jack of all trades. In addition to being the Graveyard Keeper he is also a deligent farmer, who knows well about growing grains, carrots, cabbage, grapes and many more crops. Our protagonist also tries his hands at beekeeping and gathering insects.

4. Carpenter & Smith Experience

Our protagonist is an excellent carpenter who crafts various machines and tools to his and others need. He is also a great smith, as he often wrangles with ingots of iron and steel making out nails and iron parts out of them. We also comme across various mining processes in order to gather different types of metal ores.

5. Cooking Experience

The Graveyard keeper, when tired by all the day’s work knows well enough how to cook an excellent meal for the evening. We get to cook various foods and bake various products. Procuring the ingredients for these delicious recipes is also an exciting adventure. The villagers often as a reward of our services, give us recipes for various delicacies.

6. Fighting Experience

Our protagonist is well aware of self defense tactics and survivng in this medieval land full of unseen terrors. We see him fighting off Man-eating Jellies, blood sucking bats, zombies and even some evil humans. He is a man who knows well enough how to handle a sword.

3. Graveyard Keeper Mobile:

screenshot from Graveyard keeper mobile
Graveyard keeper Mobile-Screenshot via Googleplay.com

Seeing its huge success, the developers released the game on android and ios in 2019. Its available there, but not all dlcs have been released for mobile and remain exclusive for PC. Nonetheless, some users have described the mobile version not polished enough, resulting in glitches and game crashes. However, the game is sure as much exciting as it is on PC.

4. System Requirements:

The following are the minimum system requirements required to run Graveyard keeper on your PC. Despite its pixel graphics, it requires a medium powered specs computer.

  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1+)
  • Processor: Intel core i5, 1.5 GHz and up
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 Gb dedicated video card, shader model 3.0+
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

5. How to Download Graveyard Keeper:

You can download the graveyard keeper and all its DLCs from Steam here. However, if you want to download it for free, you can get it from here. Nonetheless, we recommend buying it from steam.

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