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Frequently asked questions about Dota 2

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Dota 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game, that has grasped huge fame all across the gaming world. Every day, millions of gamers all across the world enjoy Dota 2. The game starts with two teams of 5 players fighting to destroy the base, The Ancient, of opposing team. It has the ambience and style of a midevial world featuring deamons, beasts, magic, and dragons.

Dota 2, though exciting and fun is a fairly complex game. And gamers often having a lot of questions in their minds about it. But you need not to worry, as is at your service. Following is a list of frequently asked questions about Dota 2.

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1. Is Dota 2 Really Free ?

Yes, this amazing world famous game is absolutely free. You don’t even need to pay a penny in order to be a Dota 2 gamer.

2. How many GB is Dota 2?

Dota 2 requires 15 GB space as said on steam webiste, but after installation it takes 40 GB of space. So you need to have at least 45 GB space in order to install Dota 2 on your computer.

3. Which is better Dota 2 or LoL?

Though both the games are of the same genre, yet are quite different from eachother. If you are a gamer who enjoys slow and complex gameplay, Dota 2 is better. But if your gaming taste lies in a faster gameplay and simpler mechanics, League of Legends is more suitable for you.

4. Is 8 GB RAM enough for Dota 2?

8 GB RAM is more than enough for Dota 2. The recommended RAM for Dota 2 is 4 GB, but an 8GB memory will certainly be an extra perk in smoother gameplay.

5. Can I play Dota 2 on a non-gaming laptop?

Yes, you can play Dota 2 on a non-gaming laptop quite easily. Because, its system requirements are much low as compared to the big games like PUBG and Fortnite.

6. Can you play Dota 2 Offline?

Yes, Dota 2 can be playeed offline. While offline, you can play against the bots or battle your friends on a local network. In order to play it offline, you need to open the Dota 2 shortcut file. It will try to connect to the server, but after failing will offer to try again or choose the offline mode. Select the offline mode, and after that game will run offline.

In order to play with your friends on a local network without internet, you need to access the console and type some commands. Follow the guide here for a step by step instruction on how to play Dota 2 on local area network.

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7. Is Dota 2 Difficult to learn?

Yes, Dota 2 is probably the most complex and mechanically sophisticated game in the category of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. The learning curve of Dota 2 is quite steep. In order to make your mark in the game, you need to be acquainted with each item and every hero. But the learning never stops, even for players with 4-5 years of experience. There’s always something new to learn in Dota 2.

8. Who is the strongest Dota 2 hero?

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There isn’t any single name, as all the heroes are divided in tiers based upon their strength. The Tier A comprising Deamons and demigods, being the strongest while the weakest ones lying in Tier D. However, the reputation of strongest Dota 2 hero is given to Clinx-the bone fletcher. Find more about each hero and every tier here.

9. Can I play Dota 2 without Graphics card?

To play Dota 2 efficiently you do need a graphics card, however you can also play it without buying a new graphics card. Because, almost all normal laptops and PCs come with a built in Intel/AMD that can run the game.

10. How can I learn to play Dota 2?

In order to learn this fairly complex game, pick one hero and stick to it while learning. Practise new skills and items in bot matches. Don’t hesitate to buy consumable items, as they are neccessary in order to gain advantages. Always carrying a town scroll will certainly benefit you. Focus on surviving till last in each game, rather than charging at your enemy and dying immediately in the very start.

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Thus, these are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Dota 2. We hope it helped you in your experience of Dota 2. Long live Gaming!

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