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Fortnite 21.40 Update, Dragon Ball Cross over, new Items,Skins, Quests & Rewards

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Fortnite Franchise is quite popular for introducing some exciting cross overs with Hollywood and Anime. Following its successful cross overs, the Fortnite developers have gone into official collaboration with Dragon Ball Z to release Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z cross over in its 21.40 Update. The update was released on 16 June, and since then its gotten viral over tiktok and the Internet. The update features a lot of content from the DBZ inlcuding skins, new items and locations. Lets dive deeper and find out more about Fortnite 21.40 update, Dragon Ball Cross over, new items, skins and Map changes.

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1. Dragon Ball Z Skins

Fortnite has filled our long wishes of having our favorite childhood Anime heroes in the game. As for now, Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z crossover features four skins. These inlcude Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Bulma. The prices of the skins vary as follows; Goku: 2000, Vegeta:1800, Beerus:1500, and Bulma: 1200 V-Bucks. Goku’s skin comes in four styles: Son Goku, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct. For those new to the game, V-Bucks is the currency of Fortnite game, and can be earned by completing missions/quests or can be purchased directly with money. The exchange rate of V-Bucks is as follows: 1 V-Buck = 0.01 USD.

2. Nimbus Cloud Glider in Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z

In addition to the skins, the crossover also presents unique items from DBZ. Taking the Dragon Ball experience to a next level, the developers have added Goku’s Cloud glider into the game as well. The Nimbus cloud grants the player, the ability of flight. Now you can fly across the island, at the comfort of your cloudy Nimbus.

You can get the Nimbus cloud in three places: Dragon Ball Vending Machines, Capsule Corps Drops or Bulma. The Vending machines are located in the : Rave Cave, decked-out party docks on the west of Coney Cross roads, Western Building in Rocky Reels. From these vending machines, you can buy a stack of three Kamehameha and two Nimbus clouds for 250 Gold Bars. Whereas, you can find Bulma on a specific Island to the east of Sanctuary. The Capsule Corps Drops are random just like regular loot crate drops. These appear as pill shaped bottles on your map.

3. Kamehameha

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Remember, when we used to play Kamehameha as children. Now we can enjoy our all time favorite Kamehameha, the most powerful move in the Dragon Ball Z series, in Fortnite. Its an item that can bought from three places: Dragon Ball Vending Machines, Bulma and Capsule Corps Drops. It allows you to fire a devastating beam of energy onto your enemy causing 100 damage on impact, and 40 damage every second for a duration of 4 seconds. the Kamehameha takes 15 seconds to recharge.

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4. Kame House in Fortnite

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The iconic home of Goku’s horny Master Roshi, is now in Fortnite. You can pay a visit to his home, located on a specific smallest island to the east of Sanctuary, the east most side of the map. You can also find Bulma there, and can get yourselves some Kamehameha and Nuimbus clouds in return for gold.

5. PowerPole in Fortnite

Goku’s personal and most favorite weapon, PowerPole is now available to Fortnite Players. The PowerPole is a cosmetic, that serves the function of both; a backbling and a pickaxe. It comes with the Goku and Beerus Bundle for 2700 V-Bucks.

6. Shernon Glider

The Fortnite X Dragon Ball cross over has released many unique items and skins, but the most prized feature is the Shernon Glider. As it is the most prized item in this cross over, it can’t be purchased from anywhere in the game. The players must collect all seven Dragon Balls in order to get the Shernon Glider. Though you can’t fulfill any wishes with it, you can still show off on the whole island, riding on your Green Shernon dragon.

7. Dragon Ball Fortnite Quests & Rewards

There are a total of 7 Dragon Ball Quest sets, completing which will reward the player with different free items such as emotes and Back Blings. Completing a certain quest from each quest line, the players will get a Dragon Ball. The players will be rewarded with a free Shernon Glider upon collecting all seven Dragon Balls. The first quest line, titled “Warmup” is quite easy and involves visitng familiar training locations. You can find out more, on How to complete Fortnite x Dragon Ball Quests: All challenges & rewards

8. Dragon Radar Back Bling

The iconic Dragon Radar is now in Fortnite. The Radar, which brought Bulma and our Son Goku together on the amazing adventure of collecting Dragon Balls. The Radar back bling can be unlocked by increasing your power level during the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed event.

9. Dragon Ball Adventure Island

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There are some quests, which require the player to reach a new map of the game. Its the Dragon Ball adventure Island, were players can visit iconic locations of Dragon Ball Series and complete DBZ themed quests. In order to reach the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, you will need to head over to the game mode selection screen. Select the island code tab at top of screen and enter the code, 1778-3092-2541. However, the new island hasn’t gone live as now, but will soon go live.

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These were some of the main features of Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z Cross over, nonetheless a lot more features might be introduced soon as the adventure island gets live.

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