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Famous Cross Overs in Fortnite

Fortnite Poster feturing spiderman and clone

Fortnite, since its rise in popularity, has come up with an ingenious idea of collaborations with famous pop-culture franchises. It started in 2018, as Fortnite collaborated with Marvel in the fourth season to promote the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. This collaboration brought Fortnite a lot of money as well as new players. The players who were a die hard fan of Marvel’s Avengers could now enjoy playing as Thanos in this first cross over. With this began the trend of introducing collaborations with pop-culture franchises to widen its fan base and uniqueness. Lets dive deep and find out more about famous cross overs in Fortnite.

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1. Fortnite X Marvel Avengers Infinity War

fortnite X Avengers cross over featuring Thanos

Released in 2018, the first cross over gained good appraisal. It was a limited time Mashup in Season 4 which featured the bad ass villian Thanos. It was known as, ” Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” where players searched for the six infinity stones scatered across the map, collecting all of them would turn the playerr into Thanos with a significant boost in power. The collab made quite rounds on the internet turning it into the first successful cross over.

2. Fortnite X National Football League

Screenshot of game selecting NFL outfit for avatar in fortnite

The second cross over came, as the Fortnite developers and NFL teamed up. NFL wanted to revitalize its reducing viewership and Fortnite wanted to boos up the football fans in Fortnite world. The cross over was released on Novemeber 9, Season 6 and featured outfits of National Football League. The players could purchase outfit of their any favorite team from NFL and also customize the jersey number. The outfits were available in both colors. And also featured football style emotes, harvesting tools, gliders and even a referee outfit. The cross over returned again in 2021 before the super bowl with some new added features. We can expect the NFL to continue appearing in Fortntie frequently following its super events.

3. Fortnite X Jhon Wick

john wick in fortnite

In early 2019, Fortnite released Jhon Wick ahead of the Jhon Wick: Chapter 3 official screening. The cross over had two parts. The players could purchase Jhon Wick skin and his gear. Secondly the players could enjoy the time limited mode, ” Wick’s Bounty”, that included a number of unlockable items. It also inlcuded a movie easter egg, as Wick’s house appeared on the island as well. In the Wick’s bounty mode, players had to colect gold tokens fighting other bounty hunters.

4. Fortnite X Stranger Things

Screenshot of battle pass featuring stranger things characters

In season 9, Fortnite Players teamed up with Netflix seriess Stranger things. It inlcluded portals in the mega mall destination and new skins. The cross over was released slightly ahead of the Stranger Things season 3. The players could purchase the skins of Demogorgon and Chief Hopper, in addition to a weapon wrap. The players could teleport themselves to new destinations on the map, via these teleporters.

5. Fortnite X Marvel Avengers End Game

Fortnite characters holding Avenger's weapons

The second collaboration between world’s two famous franchises came just before the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers: End Game. The cross over was released in 2019, in the form of a limited time mode, “Fortnite Endgame”. In this mode, the players have to fight Thanos and his Chitauri army. The players need to stop the meanest villian from taking hold of the infinity stones.

The cross over didn’t include any direct skins from Marvel’s heroes. It featured few outfits from Marvel, that the players could equip their charcters with.This included Black Widow’s iconic outfit. In addition to this, the players could use the iconic weapons from Avengers including the Thor’s hammer Stormbreaker, Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s suit, and Hawkeye’s bow and arrow. There were alsom some more unlockable items, that players could enjoy.

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6. Fortnite X Starwars

In the first season of chapter 2, Fortnite collaborated with Starwars. The cross over included an exclusive screening of Starwars: The Rise of Sky Walker trailer inside the game at Risky Reels. The fortnite players had the privilege of enjoying the trailer exclusively. In addition to it, the crosss over also included skins from the film;Rey, Finn and the Sith Trooper.

In 2022, the two franchises went again into collaboration in the form of star wars day celebration. This time, a number of quests and rewards were introduced. It also included the skin of famous Darth vader and allowed the players to enjoy fighting with lightsabers.

7. Fortnite X Streetfighter

The most beloved Arcade fighting game, Street FIghter also came into collaboration with Fortnite. It didn’t include any quests or items. Rather it only had skins from the arcade game. The players could enjoy skins of Chun-l, Ryu, Cammy, Guile, Blanka and Sakura. The skin of Chun-li is often favored by the players as you can see it in a number of streams.

8. Fortnite X Assasin’s Creed

In Chaper 3 Season 2, Forntite X Assasin’s Creed Cross over came to the scene. The cross over featured skins of Assasin’s Creed famous protagonists Ezio Auditore and Eivor Varinsdottir outfit. It also featured Ezio’s hidden blade as a pick axe and Eivor’s shield back bling and Raven Clan Pickaxe.

9. Fortnite X Naruto

In game screenshot of Item shop in fortnite X Naruto Cross over

The most famous Anime of all times, Naruto also came in Fortnite. Fortnite X Naruto crossover was the most anticipated cross over for quite a long. Officially released in Chapter 2, Season 8, the cross over featured skins of Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke. The collab evolved again in chapter 3 season 3. The second collab was quite succesful and gained huge popularity. It featured new skins including Gaara, Itachi, Hinata and Orichimaru. A number of items from the Anime were also featured, including Kurama’s glider, kunai Pic axe, Kunai Paper bomb, Sasuke’s Snake sword and much more others. The players could unlock more items by completing the ninja themed missions given by Kakashi. The cross over also included the Hidden Leaf village, which players could visit.

10. Fortntie X Dragon Ball

Son Goku on a nimbus in Fortnite X Dragon Ball cross over

Released on 16 August, the cross over has had unprecedented success. Videos of Goku and Vegeta figthing and players enjoying Kamehamehas are getting viral over tik tok and the internet. The cross over is being termed as the best cross over till now. It includes a versus board, where players are marked oneach other’s map and must fight each other to win the challenege. It also includes a number of quests and rewards often similar to Dragon Ball’s story.

The cross over, features four skins: Son Goku, Bulma, Beerus and Vegeta. An exciting feature of this crossover is the emote, by which Son Goku transitions into Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra instinct within the game. Another sensational feature is Goku’s famous Nimbus as a glider. Which the players can buy from Bulma or the special Dragon Ball vending machines located in different places. The players also enjoy shooting famous Kamehameha. In addition to this, there’s Dragon Ball Adventure Island, featuring capsule corps buildings and other iconic locations from the anime series.

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These were some of the most famous cross overs in Fortntie till now. We hope you enjoyed knowing about these, and let us know about your personal favorite cross over.

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