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How to Change Server in PUBG Mobile

Change Server in Pubg mobile

Back in the old days when we had the option to choose our favorite server every time we start a new match. But now to change the server in PUBG Mobile have you have the limit to do it once after 60 days.

They did that on purpose When people were continuously changing servers and playing on the server they are not located in then it causes high ping issues.

For example, if I am located in Pakistan and select a Europe server then ping for all players will be high even for the players actually located in the Europe region. To deal with the issue they limit the change server option, You cannot change the server before 60 days in PUBG Mobile now.

How many servers are in Pubg Mobile

Currently, In the Pubg mobile global version, there are 6 servers that you can choose to play.

  • Asia
  • Middle east
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • KRJP

After the new update, the interface has completely changed and you cannot change the server from the matching area. To change server in PUBG Mobile you can follow these steps.

Step 1: In the lobby right below the corner, there is an error just click on that. In the menu click on settings

Change server in pubg mobile
Change server in pubg mobile

Step 2: In settings, scroll down the menu and click on the account and safety button located at the end of the bar. You will see the select server option on the left side. Click on change

Change server Step 2

Step 3: You will see your current server and then select the server option. You can see the warning that you cannot change again within 60 days so be careful choosing server.

You will see the expected ping also alongside the servers list. Choose your server and click Ok.

Change server Step 3

Step 4: For example I selected Asia, Server will be changed and now you can play matches on the selected server.

The thing, you have to keep in mind is that if you change the server your rank will be Bronze 5 in the new server so you have to rank up again.

Change server Step 4

How to Change server in PUBG Mobile Before 60 days

Pubg Mobile has limited its change to only after 60 days. Unfortunately, you cannot change sever before 60 days after the new update. There was a glitch to change your server after creating a room.

After selecting your server in the customs room your default server also changes. But with the new update, PUBG Mobile has fixed it.

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You can watch this video i hope you wil be able to change server before 60 days

How to change region in Pubg mobile

If you want to change the region you can follow the same steps as you did to change the server.

  • Click on settings
  • Click account and security
  • Click on change right in front of change region option
  • You can change region only after 120 days
  • Pubg Mobile will detect your location and if you are located in the same region you already selected then you have to contact customer support
  • Select your region and click ok


Server can be changed in PUBG Mobile but you will no longer stays on the rank you already gained in the other server. They have the limit to change it only after 60 days so make sure to select after considering your ping location and friends etc.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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