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Which Mobile is Best for PUBG in Pakistan

Best Mobile for PUBG Mobile

When it comes to playing PUBG Mobile, you need to have a good device and internet. A good device can make your gaming experience as well as gaming skill improvement. But the real question is which device is best for PUBG?

We to answer this question let me tell you about what aspects of a device becomes good and bad for PUBG gaming.

FPS (frames per second) and Battery is something that makes a better gaming device. Normally a device that supports 60fps is considered to be best but only if it gives continuous 60fps.

There are two types of mobile devices that exist in the market. Android and Apple devices.

Apple devices for PUBG Mobile

Apple devices are considered to be best from the gaming point of view. The Iphone series after Iphone 8+ is the best mobile phone that you can use for PUBG Mobile gaming. If you don’t have money to buy 12 pro max or 13 pro max then you can buy an iphone XR. so we can say if you are going for apple then

Iphone XR is considered to be the best Mobile for PUBG Mobile

Android Best Mobile for PUBG Mobile

There are many devices in the market which give even more than 60fps. Most of them are Android devices. Let’s suppose you cannot afford iPhone and want to go with android then what will be the best phone you can have staying within the budget.

MI 10T is the best Mobile for PUBG

Okay, so why I am suggesting you Mi 10T? Because I am currently playing pubg on my MI 10t. The best thing about this device is it gives 90fps which makes the gaming experience smoother.

When you are playing with a 60fps device and have a 90fps device then surely a 90fps device will win. It’s because a 90fps device will send more data in one second to the server than the device with 60fps.

More data means more information about what is happening in the match. In simple words, more of your bullets will be registered.

As far as my experience MI 10T is a beast mobile for PUBG Mobile.

MI 10t pubg Sensitivity Settings code


This is my sensitivity code which I am using and I can say it’s the best gyroscope sensitivity settings for you.

MI 10t pubg Sensitivity FPS Test

I have made a lot of videos on the FPS test with MI 10T. You can check out my Youtube channel. Watch these videos to clear your debuted about

In the above video, I am testing its 90fps with an fps meter. I have also tested its 90fps capability with an fps meter. Watch it here.

PMPL Pakistan


Mi 10T Mobile is best for PUBG in Pakistan which provides 90fps gameplay. You can record your gameplay and do a live stream through this phone. This mobile is best for Classic and Competitive players. Just make sure it doesn’t heat up and you will see it’s actually a beast mobile phone for pubg in Pakisan.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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