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Best Five Mini-Games in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

One of the most famous cross overs in Fortnite is the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z cross over. With its exciting skins, Kamehameha, Nimbus, Power pole, and iconic locations it has gathered huge attention. The players can live the Dragon ball Z experience, now in their favorite game. There are currently four skins available to the players: Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus. But we can expect more skins to be added soon. The developers have also added a creative map, known as “Dragon Ball Adventure Island“. It features even more Dragon ball Z experience, NPCs and some iconic locations from the famous anime series. Here’s a list of the best five mini-games in Dragon Ball Adventure Island. You can access Dragon Ball Adventure Island using this simple guide.

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1. Tenkaichi Budokai

Son Goku shooting a Kamehameha at Tenkaichi Budokai in Dragon ball Fortnite
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The iconic tournamet from Dragon Ball Z, Tenkaichi Budokai is now in Fortnite. Its included as a mini-game, a PvP game in the adventure island. The stadium is located in the starting place, left to the spaceship. Before starting the mini-game, you will need to select any one weapon from three. As soon as you enter the legendary ring, you will receive Kamehameha. Most players tend to spam each other by contiously shooting Kamehamehas. There’s no particular quest or reward from this epic mini-game from series, but still its a good way to kill time.

2. Cooking meal for Goku

Goku Fishing in a pool at Goku's house in Dragon ball fortnite
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From the Spaceship in resort, you can visit Goku’s home. Here you will find Goku, upon interacting we come to know that the champion is hungry and needs a quick meal. In this mini-game, the players need to craft the following items as a special meal for the fighter.

  • Shield Fish
  • Spicy Fish
  • Vendetta Fish

The players need to catch the flopper fish from the fishing pool nearby. You can find fishing rods, lying infront of the pool. Its easier to catch the fish and doesn’t keep you waiting. After you have catched the fish, you will need to find shield mushrooms which are also located nearby. After collecting these two items you will need to return to the crafting table and craft a shield fish.

Once again you will need to catch a fish, and this time collect a pepper from the garden besides Goku’s house. You will need to craft a spicy fish using the two items at crafting table. Lastly you will need to prepare the Vendetta Fish. You can prepare it easily by using the Shield Fish and Spicy Fish. As soon as you prepare it, you will receive the dragon ball. You can find out more about the exact location of each Dragon Ball in the adventure Island here.

3. Time Trial at Room of Spirit and Time

Goku with his Power pole at Room of Spirit and time
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An exciting mini-game is the time trial at room of spirit and time. You will need to visit Room of space and Time via the spaceship in resort. Upon entering, this miraculous and peculiar looking place, the players will find Goku’s die hard challeneger Vegeta. The mini game begins as you interact with Vegeta. In this mini-game, the players are tasked with the challenge to reach the top in 60 seconds. You need to do a lot of jumping over moving carpets and platforms to reach the top. And try not falling, as it resets you to the bottom. Upon reaching the top, the players win this mini-game and receive a Dragon ball.

4. Nimbus Cloud Race

Goku standing on kami's Palace infront of Vegeta
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For this mini-game, players need to travel to kami’s Palace. Upon the flying palace, you will find Vegeta. He will once again rebuke you in his arrogant tone and invite you to take a race on Nimbus Cloud. The players are required to fly on their NImbus cloud and pass through 14 large rings. There are fans located on the path, that boost you up. The timer is also running, as you fly through each ring completing a lap. Upon crossing the finish line, you win the game and are rewarded with a Dragon Ball. Its quite an interesting mini-game in the entire Adventure Island.

5. Kamehameha Target Practice

Goku shooting a Kamehameha at Beerus' planet
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Another minigame is located on Beerus’ planet. You can also reach it via the spaceship. Upon entering God of Destruction’s planet, you will see a a number of stones with “X” marked on them. In order to complete this mini-game, the players need to destroy five rocks with X mark, using Kamehameha. Completing this minigame, rewards in a Dragon Ball that appears on the pedestal near Beerus on the planet. Its a good way to just practise your Kamehameha skills.

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So these, were the Best 5 minigames in Dragon Ball Fortnite. You can enjoy playing these and kill some time in a Dragon ball way. Nonetheless, there’s a still lot more to come in the form of other Dragon Ball characters including Master Roshi, Krillin, Piccolo, and many others. We await and look forward to more such content from Fortnite frachise to make this collab even more exciting.

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