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Best 5 Guns in PUBG

What gun should I keep, and which one should I drop? If you also get confused in this situation, you aren’t alone. With nearly 40 guns in PUBG’s weapon library, it can be difficult finding the gun that works best for you. Well, you need not worry, we have got you covered. There are a total of 8 types of guns in PUBG, ranging from lethal sniper rifles & fatal shotguns to quick pistols. Let us dive in to find the best gun from each category:

1. M416- Best Assault Rifle

M416 - Best Assault Rifle-Best gun in PUBG- Which gun kills most
M416-Best Assault

Amongst the weapons in PUBG, the one that comes on top of our list is M416. Whether it is an enemy hiding far away, or an enemy squad storming your building, M416 is the best gun to deal with them. With its high damage (40 points) and less recoil, it strikes the perfect balance.
However, you need a few accessories to make it the perfect gun for the game. A 4x Scope can make it the death sentence for all your enemies in long-range fights.
You can decrease its recoil further, by pairing it with a stock replacement. These characteristics, make M416 the best gun. Check out these attachments which can make your gun a killer machine.

2. AWM-Best Sniper Rifle

Best Sniper Rifle in PUBG- AWM
Best Gun in PUBG
AWM- Best Sniper Rifle-

In our list of best guns in PUBG, AWM comes second. If you are a person, who is good with stability and aim, AWM is your archangel. With the highest damage (107), this gun can bring chicken dinner to your plate. However, you have to take the risk of acquiring this beauty. AWM is the most difficult gun to find, as you have to rush towards the airdrops. But once you acquire this beast, it can rain hell on your opponent.
With 8x scope, this gun allows you to utilize ultimate advantage over your distantly located enemies. However, don’t make the mistake of picking it up if you are a noob, as it requires agility and distance. In order to become a pro player you must improve your aim.

3. UZI-Best SMG

Best SMG Gun in PUBG-
Best Guns in PUBG
UZI-Best SMG-Sportskeeda

Most players often underrate UZI, but it can prove to be your life savior in close-range combat. It is an SMG, that catches your opponents by surprise while rushing into a room. With its extremely fast fire rate, your opponents won’t even get the chance to think about what killed them.
Despite having low damage (26) it can prove death by shooting 71 bullets in one second. You can find out more about where to find this best gun and its suitable attachments. With its superiority of fire rate, it verily takes the 3rd rank in best weapons of PUBG.

4. DP-28-Best Light Machine Gun

Best Light Machine Gun in PUBG
Best Guns in PUBG
DP-28, Best Light Machine Gun-

Degtyaryova Pekhotny- 28 Light Machine Gun, as the Soviets called it during WW2, is an amazing weapon in PUBG. It’s a robust and high-capacity gun, capable of bewildering the whole enemy squad. With its high damage (51) it can seriously put your enemies on the run. However, it carries a downside of having large recoil.
Nonetheless, we advise using it only in a squad of 4, where one player is permanently assigned the DP-28 to shoot wildly at opponents, while other members fire with the aim.

5. R45- Best Handgun

Best Handgun in PUBG-
PUBG guns damage 2022
Best guns in PUBG

If you are ever out of ammo or need to reload your primary gun while facing an enemy, this revolver is the best option. With its high damage (65) and fast reloading time, it can give you an edge over the enemy in close combat. Veterans suggest players with good aim use R45, because one good shot can seriously injure your enemy. Your gyroscope sensitivity is a key factor in this scenario, so be sure to adjust it accurately. If you are a person who enjoys shooting with pistols, here’s a complete range of pistols that work great.

These are the guns in PUBG, which can surely give you an edge over your enemies and highly raise your chance of winning Chicken Dinner. You can also find out the best gun combinatins by famous PUBG Youtubers. In order to increase your chances of surviving till last, learn about the key leaks & rewards in latetst PUBG. So, let us know in the comments about your favorite gun.

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