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Best 3 X-Men skins in Fortnite

X-men the most popular comic series by Marvel has now come to fortnite. Now the players can enjooy playing with their favorite mutants and enjoy the X-Men Vibe in various best X-men skins. Fortnite and Marvel in Collaboration have produced a lot of content for the game. Each of these cross overs amassed huge fandom. The most famous of these being the Spiderman. In 2021 December came, Spiderman No way home cross over, which got viral over the internet. And in 2022, a unique collaboration has come in the form of Marvel Zero War comic series. In this article we will dive and find out best 3 X-men skins in fortnite.

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1. Rogue

Rogue in fortnite

Rogue, the mutant woth the power of absorbing any person’s memory she touches, is now in fortnite. The players can now enjoying playing with their favorite female X-men, Rogue. The skin was introduced in Chapter 3 Season 1. The players can purchase Rogue outfit from the item shop for 1500 V-Bucks.

Some acessories havve also been introduced alongisde this outfit. These include Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Back Bling, Holo X-Axe, The Balck bird glider and hands off emote. These amazing acessories also make it the best X-men sins in fortnite.

2. Gambit

Gambit in fortnite

The uncanny mutant Gambit has now come to Fortnite. Just like an unapologetc and chivalorous person he is with cards, will now rule in fortnite island. The outfit was released in Chapter 3 season 1 alongside Rogue. The outfit can be purchassed for 1500 V-Bucks from the item shop or can be gained from the Rogue and Gambit set for 2100 V-Bucks.

The players also get accesoires associated with Gambit. These include Kinetic Cards Back Bling, LeBeau’s Bo Pickaxe, Suit Surfer glider, and Deal Em out emote. Probably the most fantastic item is the Suit Surfer glider. However, the skin is currently not available and was available till March 2022.

3. Wolverine-Best 3 X-Men Skins in FOrtnite

Wolverine Different styles in fortnite

The most famous of X-Men, Wolverine also paid a visit to Fortnite. This amazing and blood thirsty mutant has come to Fortnite. Wolverine was featured in Chapter 2 Season 4 in October 2020. The Wolverine outfit wasn’t avialable in the item shop and could only be unlocked by completing certain challenges in the game: Woverine Challenges.

The players could enjoy the outfit in three distinct styles: Default, Classic Wolverine and Logan. The classic wolverine came in three sub styles: Silver Foil, Gold Foil and Holo Foil. These sub styles could be unlocked by increasing power level.

The players had to defeat the wolverine in order to unlock the outfit. Logan in his classic costume could be found in Weeping Woods and near Slurpy Swamp as a boss. However this outfit was only available for a short term and is no longer available.

4. Wolverine Zero Outfit by Fortnite Crew

No worries, you can still enjoy the mutant in 2022. Fortnite has reeased a new Wolverine outfit in the game in August. But however, this outfit can’t be purchased from the item shop. The outfit is available only through Fortnite Crew.

Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription of Epic games for 11.99 $. The players through this subscription are granted a unique set of cosmetic goods each month. These include a special back bling, Pickaxe and unique skin. The Subscription also gives 100 V-bucks and a free access to the ongoing battle pass. The outfit has come as a result of the Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comic series.

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Conclusion-Best 3 X-Men skins in Fortnite:

This was a list of the best X-Men Skins in Fortnite. The playes can expect more skins from X-Men in future, as the Fortnite X Marvel: Zero war unfolds. In addition to that, other mutants will surely be released as trivia soon. We hope you enjoyed this article. Lets know what you think about Best 3 X-Men skins in fortnite.

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