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Bablu Pikachu Biography, Pubg Id and Phone

Muhamad Wasi Butt aka Bablu Pikachu is one of the best Pubg mobile players from Pakistan. Back in Old days when Team Bablu was an unbeatable team of Pakistan. They were known to be the most aggressive Team in Pakistan and it was because of the fraggers like Pikachu.

Pika starts his career in PUBG Mobile when the was new and he got the strong Grip on the game very soon. His clutches on All other elite teams of Pakistan make him the Best player in Pakistan.

Bablu Pikachu won his first official PUBG Mobile tournament in 2019 which was PMCO Pakistan Fall Split 2019. He got the hype when he was solo survived in a tournament and he crushed the lobby whole alone. After that in the Pubg Mobile Pakistan community, he becomes a Hero.


Bablu Pikachu Bio

Real NameMuhammad Wasi Butt
PUBG ID 5166452853
In Game NameClxBablu PIKA
Name Meaningکھلا، فراخ
ID Level77
ProfessionCompetitive Player/Youtuber
Date of Birth16 July 2000
PUBG DeviceIphone 11 128GB
ClanTeam Bablu
KD9.52 C1S2
ServerMiddle east
Relationship StatusSingle
PhysiqueSkinny Good Looking
Income$321-$693 Per month
Net Worth$9000
Phone Number03102695361
Whatsapp Number03102695361
Email[email protected]
Life StyleElite
Family BackgroundUper Class
SlangAssalam o alikum everyone
Youtube IntroTo Hi Guys kese ho ap sab

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLinkAudience
YoutubeChannel Link117k

Bablu Pikachu Career

He started his gaming career while playing milimatia game. He used to play that game with friends. Later when pubg mobile was released he started playing it.

At the start, Wasi butt’s family was not supportive because they thought it’s just a waste of time but Pika knows that he has the potential to be the Best in that game.

Bablu Pikachu’s family knows that he has the craze of gaming but they just can’t let him risk his career just for a game. Later when his youtube channel cross 50k Youtube subscribers and started getting some revenue from Youtube. He won some local tournaments and earn some amount of money then his family give him a little free hand to him.

He played with some well-known Youtubers of Pakistan like Star anonymous, Mr. JPlays, and Ducky Bhai. He becomes the Pubg sensation of Pakistan at that time.

He started playing PUBG Mobile competitive with Team Bablu and won so many local and official tournaments. They played PMPL South Asia two times.

They won the PUBG National championship 2021 and won 1cror of the Prize pool.

Facts About Bablu Pikachu

  • He started playing PUBG Mobile in Season two
  • Pika also played PUBG on PC for some time
  • Pikachu started his Youtube channel on 27 september 2016
  • His Father was not supportive in the start but mother was supporting him
  • Faraz is Best Friends of Bablu Pikachu
  • He play pubg alot with Dr Pikachu
  • He met Dani during an Random classic match. Later they formed team bablu together.

Most Viewed Videos

His most viewed video was in which he was Playing with Dr Pikachu. They were having fun together while playing PUBG Mobile. This video has 240k videos on Youtube. Read Panda PUBG Biography here.

2nd most viral video of pika was when was streaming live and an Indian Youtuber 8bit mamba raided on his youtube channel. This video has 221k video views


Bablu Pikachu is one of the best players in Pakistan. Wasi Butt is a very gentle and nice person in terms of character. He is very good at PUBG Mobile. Currently, he playing from CLarityxBablu. Clarity is their new sponsored organization.

If I somehow added some information that is not accurate you can correct me in the comment section I will update as soon as possible.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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