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47 Khalifa Biography, Pubg ID and Phone number

47 Khalifa is a Youtuber from Pakistan who is Famous for Eye Shots in TDM. He is known to be a TDM player. Khalifa’s trick shots and eye shots are very famous.

47 khalifa picture

47 Khalifa Introduction

He started his career from Tiktok and He considered as a KING of M24. In the start, he was uploading videos of Quick scope shots in war mode. His first video on youtube was a kar98k montage with noncopyright music. it was an average video but he still got 54k views on that video.

When he started uploading TikTok videos all of his videos were going into the For You page of TikTok. His TikTok account is verified now and has 1.2 Million Followers and 40.7 Million likes on his videos

He wrote on his Youtube Channel bio that he is

CEO of M24 trickshots

He is the leader of the 47 Clan. Most of his clan members are TDM players and are good at M24 shots.

47 Khalifa is now in the Bootcamp of HS(Hidden Star) which is owned by HS Samak. He is streaming from there and making his content with other HS and 47 clan members. Read Panda Biography too.

47 Khalifa Short Bio

Real NameOsama Qayom
PUBG ID 5267813117
In-Game name47〆khaŁiFa
Name Meaningمحافظ
ID Level75
Date of Birth11 April 1998
PUBG DeviceIphone 12 Pro Max
KD4.14 C1S2
ServerMiddle east
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeName not shared
PhysiqueAverage Faty person
Income$221-$593 per month
Net Worth$4040
Phone Number03102435356
Whatsapp Number 03102435356
Email[email protected]
LifeStyleElite Family
Family BackgroundUpper-Class
SlangNo Hate wala scene
Youtube IntroHey guys 47 Khalifa here

Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLinkAudience
Facebook47khalifayt8k Likes
TikTok@47_khalifa1.2 Million Fans
YoutubeChannel Link728k Subscribers
Instagramkhalifa_here187k Followers

Recently in LAN fiesta Multan he received Thank You award along with other fellow YouTubers.

Facts About 47 Khalifa

  • 47 Khalifa PUBG Id number is 5267813117
  • He is Married
  • 47 Khalifa wife name is not shared
  • He has his own Bootcamp and gaming romm setup
  • Khalifa is the CEO of trickshots
  • Eye Shots are discovered by 47 Khalifa
  • He is from Peshawar

PMPL Pakistan 2022

Other Fellow YouTubers

Most Viewed videos

His most popular video is 1v4 TDM with tough enemies. He plays solo against 4 pubg pro players and won that match. This video has more than 2 million views on it.

In his second most viewed video, he is playing against 3 Pathan enemies alone. This video has 1.8 Million views on it.

He is still using his old LOGO on all of his social media accounts including Tiktok and Youtube.

47 Khalifa stylish name is 47〆khaŁiFa

47 khalifa logo


When it comes to TDM players and Trick shots best players from Pakistan then 47 Khalifa is always on top of the list. He has a very decent personality and always used to say no hate wala scene and just love wala scene.

Show some love to him by supporting his Youtube channel and other social media accounts.

If I Somehow added something incorrect or missed something you can comment down and I will update it as soon as possible.


My name is Asad Rai and I am a PUBG Mobile competitive player and content creator. The craze of gaming is uncountable so I am expressing my skills here in my blog.

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